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Product by AlertLogic

Alert Logic delivers a Security-as-a-Service that combines cloud-based software and threat analytics with expert services to defend applications and workloads in cloud, hosted, on-premises and hybrid environments. Alert Logic protects your full application and infrastructure stack against attacks to network components, OS, database, and application layers, including hard-to-detect web application attacks and OWASP Top 10 Threats. With better web application protection at a fraction of the total cost and time required of traditional security tools.

Intrusion Detection
Certified security experts provide 24x7 monitoring of network traffic looking for threats that could compromise data or impact system availability. With real-time network monitoring and proactive incident identification, our security experts are able to notify organizations quickly when an attack is detected.
Analyze Log Data
Sources of log data are collected, aggregated, analyzed and normalized by our certified security experts to identify suspicious activity that may indicate a security risk.
Web Application Firewall
Secure your web applications against attacks and unusual activity to ensure your sensitive data is protected, with WAF management provided by our application security experts in our Security Operations Center (SOC).
Reduce the burden associated with meeting key compliance requirements such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley across your environments.
Security Intelligence
Identify high priority security issues through advanced technology and expertise from aggregating security events and cross-correlating security data.
Vulnerability Assessment
Continuously monitor your environment fro vulnerabilities, gain visibility into your environment, and improve your security and compliance posture with actionable intelligence.
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