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Broadsoft Business

Product by Broadsoft

Take your share of the market with the Broadsoft Business all-in-one cloud PBX, unified communication and contact center suite. We make your sales process fast, simple and rewarding with our automated customer management platform, competitive commissions, and affordable pay-as-you-go pricing models built to fit any customer’s needs.

Replace PBX Systems and Win More Sales with Broadsoft Business.

The Broadsoft Portfolio offers an optimized user experience with a single, intuitive interface. It combines HD video/voice, chat, file sharing and screen-sharing. Broadsoft is always available with virtual meeting space assigned to each user and it supports calling over native cellular network and Wi-Fi/LTE data channel. Broadsoft offers integration with leading business applications, including Salesforce.

Experience the Broadsoft advantage! With our partner-led approach, Broadsoft is here to empower you to own and serve your customers. This approach also allows you to pursue a wide range of new revenue opportunities, including both BYOD premise-based equipment and professional services. With Broadsoft's flexible Pay as You Go packages, you are not tied to annual contracts and we will help you navigate the customer lifecycle with simplicity and efficiency—end to end.

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