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CloudGuard Posture Management

Product by Check Point

Comprised of network security, application and workload protection, posture management and cloud intelligence, Check Point’s CloudGuard is one of the leading cloud native security solutions for securing assets and workloads. At the core of this solution, CloudGuard Posture Management visualizes and assesses security posture, detects misconfigurations, automates and actively enforces gold standard policies, and protects against attacks and insider threats.

Welcome to Check Point Distribution Marketplace Program!

About Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

For the last three decades, Check Point Software Technologies has set the standard for Cyber Security. Our mission is to secure your everything. Across the ever-evolving digital world, we protect organizations from the most imminent cyber threats.

A 100% Channel-Driven Company

Since its inception 26 years ago, Check Point has been a 100% Channel-driven Company. Partners are the bedrock of Check Point’s growth strategy. We look to grow our existing partnerships and find strategic alignment with as many partners as we can.

The Check Point Distribution Marketplace Program (CPDMP) is a core offering within our 2020 Partner Growth Program, which was announced globally early in 2020. CPDMP is a new route to market for Check Point through Ingram Cloud Marketplace, which enables existing and new partners to purchase products and services efficiently and supports rapid deployment for cloud, endpoint, and mobile. CPDMP provides partner enablement, marketing, and flexible financing that includes PAYG options as well as prepaid, annual, and monthly subscriptions. Check Point’s objective with CPDMP is to reach new customers and accelerate customer adoption of emerging technologies, such as Cloud Security, Beyond the Perimeter, IoT, and more.

Together, with Ingram Check Point enables partners with increased predictability and profitability, with the following benefits:

  • Find new customers and penetrate new markets
  • Help build even stronger relationships with existing customers
  • Grow your security practice with innovative and emerging technologies
  • Safeguard your customer’s investment with a “prevention vs. detection” approach
  • Give your customer a solution that simplifies management and improves TCO

With Check Point: you can:

  • Enable industry-leading, advanced security that protects your customers on any platform - cloud, mobile, or endpoint
  • Sell one license per product and offer your customers unlimited use, yet pay for only what is used. We secure your environment dynamically and provide reporting to help you have complete visibility and insight on usage.
  • Attach and bundle security offerings for cloud workloads and apps (Office 365, Azure, AWS)

To Get Started Today

Existing Check Point Partners

Ingram and Check Point have worked together to ensure you have all of the sales and marketing enablement tools you need to be successful. Register and login to Ingram Cloud Marketplace. More information on the CPDMP program can be found in PartnerMap, with the Partner Growth Program information here PMAP login.

New Partners to Check Point

You’ll find out more on our Partner Growth Program and benefits to resellers. You can also complete an application to start the enrollment process at

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Posture Management
Granular, intuitive visibility into all cloud assets, networks and security groups
Compliance and Governance
Conform to regulatory requirements and security best practices automatically
Identity Protection
Enforce just-in-time access based on IAM users and roles to most sensitive operations
  • CloudGuard Cloud Security Posture Management capabilities are packaged into three modules. Pricing is based on the number of modules selected and the number of protected assets in the cloud environment
  • For licensing purposes, a protected asset is a server or database instance. In AWS environments, we look at EC2 and RDS instances. Micro and nano instances are protected for free. In Azure environments, we count VMs, SQL DBs and SQL Servers. The 0 family (A0/D0) is excluded. In Google Cloud environments, we count instances except F1-micro instance types
  • A FREE two-week product trial (no credit card required) is available as part of every pricing plan

Software Specification

  • Network configurations vsualization
  • Protected assets inventory management
  • Proactive network security with region lock and tamper protection
  • IAM Safety with on demand authorization for privilege elevation and enforcement of Least Privilege Principle (CNX Package Only)
  • Posture Management and Continuous Compliance preventing configuration drift over time for Cloud, Containers and Serverless workloads
  • Intuitive customization with unique GSL language
  • High-fidelity security indicators through reporting and dashboarding
  • Automated and customizable policy remediation
  • Third-party integrations (SPLUNK, Service Now, Slack, etc.)
  • Host-level vulnerability indicators (AWS Inspector, Guard Duty, Tenable, etc.)
  • Serverless Protection, please use both of the following products: CloudGuard Posture Management and CloudGuard Workload. This SKU Includes Basic Package of Serverless Runtime Protection with 200M annual invocations included.
  • The package includes direct standard support


Security Operations
Visualize your security posture and enforce gold standard policies across accounts, projects, regions and virtual networks
Posture Management
Enriched vulnerability management findings to better identify, prioritize, and auto-remediate events based on public exposure—minimizing risk
Compliance and Governance
Ensure that your public cloud infrastructure conforms to regulatory compliance requirements and security best practices at all times
Identity Protection
Protect against identity theft by enforcing just-in-time privilege elevation for your most sensitive operations in the public cloud


Increase your cloud revenue and potential for value-added services
Offer your customers industry-leading cloud security products and services to enable cloud visibility, support continuous compliance, and improve their cloud security posture
Sell to 100,000 Check Point customers
Check Point is a trusted advisor to 100,000 organizations globally. Customers trust Check Point’s industry-leading threat prevention and security innovations, and prefer to use Check Point solutions.
Help customers to secure hybrid-cloud deployments
CloudGuard supports all leading public cloud vendors with a single pane-of-glass and can be used to uniformly secure multi-cloud environments.
Provide best-in-class posture management that is optimized for the cloud
CloudGuard is built for the dynamic and elastic nature of cloud infrastructure with agility, high availability and auto-scaling.
Your customers benefit from the world’s most power threat intelligence repository
Check Point ThreatCloud inspects 4M files and receives updates from 100s of millions of global Check Point enforcement points per day.
Minimize point security solutions by using one cloud security platform
Each additional point security solution adds complexity and requires staffing and training. Check Point CloudGuard reduces the number of individual disparate solutions to increase efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership.
  • A complete compliance and governance solution with over 2400 security rule sets and 50 compliance frameworks, with customizable governance using simple, readable language
  • Offers a more accurate compliance checking, remediation, and security visibility without additional prerequisites
  • Easy to use CSPM platform saves the administrator time and helps avoid configuration mistakes without requiring programming skills
  • Additional region lock and tamperproof protection allows administrator to lock down environment to prevent breaches before they are even possible
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