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Product by CloudVelox

CloudVelox provides cloud automation and orchestration software to securely move and protect workloads between data centers and clouds. CloudVelox gives the ability to reduce business risk and increase IT productivity and resilience with a single solution based on an application centric approach to migrations using its patented Application Blueprint Technology.

What CloudVelox Offers

CloudVelox One Hybrid Cloud™ software offers IT executives “workload portability”, with the flexibility to shift workloads in and out of data centers and clouds to maximize the best cost, security, performance and availability structure for running all workloads without fear of being locked into a single destination (cloud or data center). You can migrate any physical, any virtual, or any cloud workloads into a VMware virtualized data center or *cloud.

CloudVelox’s cloud automation and orchestration software accelerates workload mobility at scale through automation, resulting in “mass migrations” being completed successfully in weeks, rather than 9-12 months.

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