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DigiCert Secure Site SSL-TLS Certificates

Product by DigiCert

DigiCert Secure Site SSL/TLS is the new standard for businesses that take securing their data and identity seriously. With prioritized validation and support, the most recognized trust mark on the web, and the industry-leading management platform, DigiCert provides the best in SSL/TLS solutions.

DigiCert Secure Site is a three-part solution:

Secure Site SSL Certificate
The only certificate with the Norton Seal, proven to be the leading trust mark that can reduce bounce rates and increase customer confidence. A $1.75 million replying-party warranty protects you in the event of a certificate-related compromise, and exclusive concierge service and validation ensure you never waste time waiting when you need help.
CertCentral Management Console
Our award-winning platform allows you to manage your certificates from issuance to renewal. With discovery and vulnerability scanning tools you can easily find every certificate on your network – both internal and external (and even those not issued by DigiCert) – and receive easy-to-read reports highlighting any security risks such as weak signatures or misconfigured certificates. Control issuance with multi-user accounts with customized roles, and automate certificate renewal to avoid costly network downtime.
DigiCert’s Unmatched Infrastructure
No CA values investment more than DigiCert. We have built a developer-friendly REST API for native integration into your processes and systems, and a scalable backend to support high-issuance volumes. You may not be a Fortune 500 company yet, but DigiCert is the CA that can grow there with you.
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