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dinCloud Hosted Virtual Servers & Desktops

Product by dinCloud

dinCloud provisions the migration of desktops, servers, storage, networking and applications to a Virtual Private Data Center. dinCloud provides subscription-based services for a range of business models resulting in reduced cost, transparent pricing, enhanced security, control, and productivity. dinCloud hosted servers (HSDs) simplify hosting with complete data center capabilities including security, firewalls, and control in your hands.

dinCloud hosted virtual desktops (HVDs) eliminate the burden of running and managing your desktops in-house, letting you focus on your business. dinHVD enables secure access from many devices to the same workspace.

dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktop (dinHVD) allows for lower costs, better security, scalability, control and end user productivity. It provides true BYOD for PCs, M.C.s, Android & iPad. Desktop as a Service (Dais) enables the user to utilize a Google Chrome extension/application to run on multiple devices and operating systems. dinCloud Hosted Virtual Server provides you with better control of environment, faster migration & time to market, enhanced security, and flexibility to scale. Database as a Service (dinSQL) delivers a platform for your business to host SQL databases in the cloud, either as a primary site or as backup in a BC/DR scenario. Cloud Backup (dinBackup) provides continuous data protection to workspaces, including VM level backups and restore capabilities, as well as an enterprise class policy based backup solution. DNS Security (dinDNS) lets you manage your organization’s domains from one portal and assign full FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Names) to your web, application and network servers.

dinCloud offers hosted servers ans hosted workspaces
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