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Google Chrome Enterprise

Product by Google

Chrome Enterprise is a modern, secure platform that empowers a remote workforce, allowing employees to be productive from any location and providing IT with the ability to manage devices remotely.

Whether your organization is supporting workers that are cloud-ready, or a workforce that needs access to legacy applications through virtualized desktops, with Chrome Enterprise, you can:

  • Deploy devices fast
  • Secure data, devices and users
  • Manage remotely
  • Deliver the apps that every employee needs
  • Keep costs low

Become an authorized reseller

There are several steps necessary to become authorized to resell Google Cloud products through Ingram Micro. These are one-time requirements and include:

  1. Complete the Ingram Micro’s authorization form.
  2. Create a Cloud Identity in Google.
  3. Complete the Connect to Distributor step, aka, Accept Channel Partner link.
  4. Sign up for Google’s Partner Advantage Program.

Once these four are completed, you are ready to order.

For a full demo on the complete authorization process please watch G Suite Cloud Identity Connect to Distributor step and Setup and First Order.

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Deploy devices fast

  • Deploy devices without imaging
  • Cloud-based profiles that download policies, apps, settings, and bookmarks
  • White glove service by resellers, so devices arrive ready for employee sign-in
  • Deploy devices fast
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Manage remotely and centrally

  • Control network, Wi-Fi, VPN or certificates to control user access to data
  • Set up apps, browser extensions, or bookmarks for remote workers
  • Configure more than 300+ settings and policies including security and privacy controls
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Deliver the apps every employee needs

  • Access a virtual Windows desktop or stream apps with Chrome Browser
  • Get the same security, manageability, and productivity benefits as being cloud-native
  • Access leading virtualization solutions, including VMware, Citrix, and MS RDS
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Secure data, devices and users

  • Regular and automated updates anywhere
  • Remote disable for lost or stolen devices
  • Built in Titan-C Security Chip
  • Isolate attacks with sandboxing technology
  • Built-in antivirus protection
  • Encrypted on-device storage
  • Verified boot ensures OS integrity
  • Malicious website alerts
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Keep costs low

  • $482 saved per device annually
  • Increased hardware savings
  • Lowered IT overhead
  • Less employee downtime
  • Lowers risk of security breaches
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