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Google - G Suite

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G Suite is Google's offering to help new and small businesses grow quicker and more cost-effectively. G Suite allows businesses to co-create, store and share documents, spreadsheets, slideshows and websites. G Suite also works seamlessly with file types like Microsoft docs.

Become an authorized reseller

There are several steps necessary to become authorized to resell Google Cloud products through Ingram Micro. These are one time requirements and include:

  1. Complete the Ingram Micro’s authorization form.
  2. Create a Cloud Identity in Google.
  3. Complete the Connect to Distributor step, aka, Accept Channel Partner link.
  4. Sign up for Google’s Partner Advantage Program.

Once these four are completed, you are ready to order.

For a full demo on the complete authorization process please watch G Suite Cloud Identity Connect to Distributor step and Setup and First Order.

As an administrator, you will use Cloud Identity to manage your users, apps, and devices from a central location—the Google Admin console.

In order to start selling Google products through Ingram Micro, you need to have a Cloud Identity account. (This step is only needed if you do not have a Cloud Identity / G Suite account associated with your company domain.)

To create a Cloud Identity account, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click here to set up your free account today.

    You will be redirected to Google and guided through creating a Cloud Identity account for your business.

    Screenshot of the first screen for setting up Cloud Identity

    If you are unsure if you already have an existing Cloud Identity associated with your domain:

    • Start the Cloud Identity process
    • If you receive an error message; please locate your account admin

    If you are unsure who your Cloud Identity admin is:

    • Please fill out this form to contact Google support for further assistance.

    Once this is created, there are a few more steps to complete this requirement.

  2. Click on the Go to Setup button:

    Screenshot of Go to Setup
  3. Sign in using the Admin credentials for your Cloud Identity account and complete verification:

    Screenshot of Cloud Identity welcome screenScreenshot of Cloud Identity sign in screenScreenshot of Cloud Identity verification screen
  4. Agree to the Google Terms of Service.

    Screenshot of Terms of Service screen
  5. Next, you will need to follow on-screen prompts to verify the domain ownership. This includes:

    Screenshot of domain ownership screen Screenshot of domain ownership screen
  6. You will need to add a TXT record to your domain’s DNS. Copy the text from the “Value / Answer / Destination field” as you will need it when creating the DNS entry:

    Screenshot of DNS Management Console Screenshot of DNS Management Console
  7. Then the verification process begins. This can take up to 50 minutes, but typically is done within 5 minutes:

    Screenshot of verify domain ownership screen Screenshot of verify domain ownership screen
  8. Now that your Google Cloud Identity is set up and your domain has been verified you will need to connect it your Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace account. Screenshot of verify domain ownership completion
Cloud Marketplace