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Ingram IaaS LifeCycle Migration Services

Product by Ingram Micro

Identifying and managing IaaS opportunities and workloads can be challenging. Ingram Micro Cloud offers complete IaaS Lifecycle services to help partners enable opportunities, depending on their need, the workload targeted, and the partner’s level of maturity. Partners benefit by driving larger workloads in reduced time frames to accelerate opportunity to consumption.

Ingram IaaS Lifecycle Diagram

Available plans:

Discovery and Assessment Service

Ingram Micro helps you evaluate your customer’s IT landscape to better understand the feasibility of moving each of their workloads to Cloud. Through a series of infrastructure and application assessments, you will get all the visibility you need on your customer’s datacenter to start building a pipeline faster, based on data and facts.

Discovery and Assessment Services are usually recommended for large workloads (25+ servers).

Architecture and Design Service

A 1-day/3-day/5-day workshop, offered by Ingram Micro as a service, to support you in designing the architecture of your customer’s application on Cloud. Our Solution Architects will guide you throughout the process and help you deliver the logical/physical architecture diagram for the application/workload.

If you purchased Discovery and Assessment Services, this is the perfect cross-sell to make sure that the assessment of your customer’s datacenter is easily being translated to AWS or Azure.

Proof of Concept Service

A service offered by Ingram Micro Cloud for partners that are looking to address customer concerns about Cloud – such as scalability, compatibility, availability or reliability by building a small replica of the proposed solution on Cloud to prove validity of their concept and approach. Proof of Concept is usually required in complex and large-scale projects.

If you purchased Architecture and Design Services, Proof of Concept is a great add-on to show to your customers that the proposed solution architecture works smoothly as planned.

Migration Service

A migration service offered from Ingram Micro to help you migrate applications and workloads to Cloud. As part of the service, Ingram Micro Cloud will conduct a scenario evaluation for all possible migration options to ensure a smooth end-to-end delivery.

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