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Product by Premiere Global Services, Inc.

iMeet® is an all-in-one web, audio and video conferencing solution that gives you the tools to communicate and collaborate more effectively. Chat with contacts, make peer-to-peer voice and video calls, and quickly share information, links and files from an integrated file cabinet. iMeet even connects to your video conference room systems via SIP or H.323 protocols.

Can your online meeting solution do all of this? Improve productivity across a team/organization, engage others to complete projects, support a mobile or remote workforce, or do more with limited budgets. iMeet is an innovative, cloud-based virtual meeting and collaboration tool that allows you to meet face-to-face anytime, anywhere from nearly any computer or mobile device – PC, MAC, iPhone, iTouch, iPad and Android. It can help companies reduce travel expenses, improve productivity and build stronger relationships across an organization or around the globe. Designed with the business user in mind, iMeet is ideal for team meetings, e-learning/training, candidate interviews, sales presentations, brainstorming & collaboration sessions, customer support & conflict resolution and/or an engaging alternative to standard conference calls. The best part? It’s simple to use and install! With an intuitive interface, document, presentation or video sharing + technology integrations with & Plantronics headsets – it’s easy to have more productive virtual meetings.

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