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InterGuard Software

Product by InterGuard Software

The InterGuard Software SaaS Solution integrates Web Filtering, Employee Monitoring, Data Loss Prevention and Laptop Recovery from a single agent managed from a single control console. Endpoint architecture works perfectly for mobile users on laptops and smartphones.

No hardware required means service deployment is simple and fast! No network required means complete policy enforcement when the machine is off the network. Single agent at the end-point means add services without installing new software. No latency ensures machine performance does not get compromised. No single point of failure prevents late night calls because the system is down. Citrix or terminal server works fluidly in those environments. Monthly or annual subscription ensures an operating expense perfect for SMB customers. Dashboard Reports guarantee executive level reports that are customizable. White-label Control Console gives you the ability to use your logo and brand in front of your customer!

The InterGuard Software solution portfolio includes: Laptop Recovery S2, Employee Monitoring S2, Mobile Android S2, Storage S2, Mobile Blackberry S2, Remote Data Deletion S2, Monitor DLP Bundle S2, Web Filtering S2, Geolocate S2, and Data Loss Prevention S2.

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