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LawToolBox - LawToolBox365 Inc., an all-in-one court rules and deadline management system provider, offers LawToolBox365 bundled into Microsoft Office 365 Outlook as an add-on for legal. LawToolBox gives peace of mind, helping attorneys avoid missed deadlines — the number one cause of malpractice claims against attorneys, while staying on top of court rule changes.

Is your staff manually entering deadlines into calendars? Calendar cluttered with deadlines that don’t apply? Wouldn’t it be awesome if your staff could calculate, view and share deadlines as emails arrive from state courts, the federal e-filing PACER system, opposing counsel and clients?  Use LawToolBox365 to instantly add deadlines internally to Outlook, and externally to your client’s Google calendar, a witnesses Outlook calendar, an expert’s iCal calendar, or an insurance adjuster’s Lotus Notes calendar.

The “Calculate Deadlines” button in Outlook Ribbon permits attorneys and staff to instantly calculate deadlines based on U.S. state and federal court rules (e.g., select “California Superior Court – LA County” the first time LawToolBox365 is activated for a matter, and then select the trigger date such as “Date Trial Commences” and see anywhere from 5 to 70+ deadlines, depending on court's rules).

“Share Deadlines” adds deadlines to internal Outlook calendars and externally to a client’s Google, witnesses Outlook, or expert’s iCal calendar (with no software downloads required on recipient’s end).

Benefits of LawToolbox 365
  • Centralized deadline management
  • Share deadlines internally in Outlook/Office 365
  • Share deadlines externally with everyone involved
  • Rule-sets for state & federal court (50 states)
  • Rule changes automatically reflected
  • Docket deadlines from PACER emails
  • Insert matter deadlines while drafting
  • Use email templates or insert legal clauses into emails
  • Anyone can learn how to use in minutes
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