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Product by LiveVHD

LiveVHD is a leading North American “LIVE” Help Desk/NOC company providing service for desktops, laptops, servers, network devices and handheld devices. We become an extension of your company and brand everything on your behalf; leveraging your existing technologies and legacy data to deliver support to your clients, your way!

LiveVHD's Helpdesk offers a premier helpdesk solution that delivers expert North American based support with an 85% first call resolution rate. Their NOC solution includes infrastructure management using your tools with the flexibility to provide monitoring, management and preventative maintenance for your customer’s environments. Project Work is LiveVHD's Remote System Administration service that allows you to tap into their bench strength for all projects large and small. On-Site Resolution provides Access 7×24, web-based & email dispatch for technical support and troubleshooting that can work with existing staff or stand-alone.

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