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McAfee Enterprise MVISION for Resellers

Product by McAfee Enterprise

Cloud-native and insight-driven. The first cloud-based product family that protects data and stops threats across devices, networks, clouds (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), and on-premises environments. Click here to become a McAfee Enterprise Reseller.

MVISION. An industry first. Cloud-native and insight-driven. Open architecture.

Gain visibility into all cloud use and data.
Take control over data and cloud activity from any source.
Protect against cloud threats and misconfiguration.

Key Use Cases

  • Enforce data loss prevention (DLP) policies on data in the cloud, in sync with your endpoint DLP.
  • Prevent unauthorized sharing of sensitive data to the wrong people.
  • Block sync/download of corporate data to personal devices.
  • Detect compromised accounts, insider threats, and malware.
  • Gain visibility into unsanctioned applications and control their functionality.
  • Audit for misconfiguration against industry benchmarks and automatically change settings.
  • Container optimized strategies for securing dynamic and ever-changing container workloads and the infrastructure on which they depend.
MVISION Platform

View the McAfee Enterprise Suites Matrix for more details

Unified Policy Engine
Applies unified policies to all cloud services across data at rest and in transit. Leverages policy templates, imports policies from existing solutions, or creates new ones.
Pre-Built Policy Templates
Delivers out-of-the-box policy templates based on business requirement, compliance regulation, industry, cloud service, and third-party benchmarks.
Policy Creation Wizard
Defines customized policies using rules connected by Boolean logic, exceptions, and multi-tier remediation based on incident severity.
Policy Incident Management
A unified interface to review incidents, take manual action, and rollback automatic remediation actions to restore files and permissions.
Cloud Registry
Provides the world’s largest and most accurate registry of cloud services with a 1-10 CloudTrust Rating based on a 261-point risk assessment.
Privacy Guard
Leverages an irreversible one-way process to tokenize user identifying information on premises and obfuscate enterprise identity.
Autonomous Remediation
Coaches users to correct policy incidents, and once corrected, automatically resolves incident alerts to reduce manual review of incidents.
In-App Coaching
Coaches users in real-time within the native email, messaging, and collaboration application where the incident occurred.
AI-Driven Activity Mapper
Leverages artificial intelligence to understand apps and map user actions to a uniform set of activities, enabling standardized monitoring and controls across apps.
Multi-Cloud Protection
Enforce a uniform set of security policies across all cloud services, with the ability to associate policy violations and investigate activities, anomalies, and threats at individual services.

Start your free trial of McAfee Enterprise MVISION portfolio for 60 days.

If you would like to purchase MVISION products after the trial period and retain your trial tenant as production tenant (so that you don’t lose your configuration, policies, tags, etc.), please use the same End Customer Name, Address, Contact Email as the one used to request the trial.

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