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OTP Messaging - Quantum Secure Messaging

RPost - OTP Messaging

OTP Messaging is the first quantum secure messaging app. OTP Messaging provides unbreakable message encryption across a private network separate from email, using the One-Time Pad theory of encryption with each unique encryption key pad generated from a quantum random number generator, for the ultimate in messaging secrecy and anonymity. RPost®, the provider of patented OTP Messaging for Ingram Micro, has been enhancing customer security, compliance and productivity for more than a decade.

One-Time Pad is the only method of encryption which has been mathematically proven to be unbreakable. The OTP Messaging service implements this One-Time Pad theory of encryption in a user-friendly service that operates as a private messaging network separate from email.

Each subscriber to the OTP Messaging service receives an OTP Messaging encryption key (OTP Key) that comes in the form of a memory card. Users simply plug this OTP Key into a computing device, open the OTP Messaging app, and start sending/receiving quantum secure messages.

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