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Sophos Central – MSP Connect Flex

Product by Sophos

With Sophos MSP Connect Flex you can meet all your clients’ security needs with a single vendor. From endpoint and server protection to email, web, mobile, wireless, phishing simulation, and full disk encryption—you get award-winning products from a global expert. The Sophos Central security platform is at the heart of MSP Connect Flex.

Important Notice

You have to be pre-qualified by Sophos to sell Sophos products on Cloud Market Place. Once you are approved by Sophos you will receive 3 unique parameters to use to be able to place orders.

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One Flexible Program. Simple Billing.

MSP Connect Flex is designed specifically for MSPs who want monthly billing. It gives you the option of integrating service-based pricing into a single monthly billing report, delivered through the Sophos Central Partner Dashboard.

With MSP Connect Flex you are in control of how and where licenses are distributed, while allowing you the flexibility to offer competitive pricing that maximizes your margin.

As a Connect Flex partner you can:

  • Increase profitability through aggregate billing
  • Convert Capex to Opex with monthly billing options
  • Enjoy on-demand configuration to add and provision customers whenever needed

One flexible MSP program to connect you and your customers to one complete and simple security solution.

Designed with MSPs in mind, the Sophos Central Partner Dashboard lets you manage all your clients – and control all their Sophos products—through a single, intuitive interface, slashing your hands-on administration time and freeing you up to grow your business.

With Sophos MSP Connect Flex, say goodbye to managing complex security from multiple vendors and embrace the power of one. With one vendor, one program and one security portfolio, you can provide your customers with proven and comprehensive protection that is managed from one simple management platform

View the Program Guide for more details.

Sophos Central

One flexible MSP program to connect you and your customers to one complete and simple security solution.

Enjoy greater profitability

  • Expand your range of security service offering with Sophos’ comprehensive portfolio
  • Maximize your revenue per client with easy upsell / cross sell
  • Increase gross margin with aggregated billings across products and clients

Increase your productivity

  • Manage all clients and all their security products through a single console
  • Simplify day-to-day management with an intuitive web-based platform
  • Reduce your vendor management overhead by consolidating with Sophos

Enhance your operational efficiency

  • Get new customers up and running fast with simple product deployment
  • Synchronize billing data with third party vendors
  • Stop spending time making products work well together—they already do!
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