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Product by SyncDog

BYOD—not a problem! SyncDog's Secure Mobile Trust Platform enables employers to rapidly onboard its employees, allowing them access to all the corporate data (files, email, etc.) they need to get their jobs done from whatever mobile device the employee has access to. The solution creates a "Dual Persona" that completely separates work data from personal data and enables the IT teams to have end-to-end control and auditability without exposing any personal data whatsoever.

Work without boundaries. Discover power and productivity in seamless, secure, and super-fast connections.

SyncDog's Secure Mobile Trust Platform is a next-generation mobile security solution that FINALLY solves the problem of enhancing the productivity of mobile workers while ensuring corporate data is secured to the exacting standards the CISO organization demands. Employees no longer need to carry mulitple devices, or sign waivers that their personal data can be accessed, tracked or even wiped from their device. Companies or Government agencies can now securely allow employees to Bring Your Own Device—or allow them to use a corporate device for personal use—and not worry about other apps on the device or the need to prevent apps from being downloaded.

  • SyncDog supports:
    • iOS or Android devices
    • Managed or Unmanaged devices—MDM profiles are NOT a requirement
  • Offers multi-factor authentication
  • Secures data at rest, in use, and in transit
  • Uses FIPS 140-2 Certified 256 bit encryption
  • Includes mobile threat defense
  • Includes anti-virus tools
  • Includes full O365 document editing—PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint
  • Provides location services
  • Complies to the mobility requirements of:
    • GDPR
    • CCPA
    • 800-171
    • CMMC
    • HIPAA, PII and many other encryption and Personal Privacy Regs
  • Remote wipe of data—guaranteed. Wipe of corporate data only—personal data can't be touched.
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