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Trend Micro Deep Security (On Cloud)

Product by Trend Micro

Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ provides comprehensive security in a single solution that enables you to protect your critical servers and applications with advanced security controls, including an intrusion prevention system (IPS), integrity monitoring, application control, and much more. This solution is pre-architected, which means it’s a click and deploy solution (on Azure or AWS) that’s automatically provisioned after being purchased on the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.

Key Features

Complete malware prevention
Blocks known-bad files using antimalware signatures. Looks for variant types of malware using Trend Micro’s detection algorithms.
AI-driven behavioral analysis
Examines and scans for suspicious behavior in the OS, applications, and scripts—and how they interact to block them.
Seamless vulnerability scanning
Continuously scans for known network-based vulnerabilities in the operating system and applications.
File integrity monitoring
Monitors a different files and libraries, log changes and alert the appropriate stakeholders with any changes.
Application control
Blocks any executables and scripts that aren’t identified as known good applications or DLLs from installing/executing.


Increase IaaS Revenue
This prebuilt can be deployed on your preferred public cloud platform, giving you the opportunity to increase your IaaS revenue.
Become cloud-ready
With Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services native features, your environments will remain secure if you ever decide to expand into cloud.
Accelerate compliance
Supports multiple regulatory requirements including GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA so that you can always demonstrate compliance in an efficient manner on cloud.
Simplify deployment
This solution comes prebuilt. You do not have to worry about purchasing servers to install it either. It has been predesigned to work once purchased so you can avoid the work associated with installation and server maintenance.

The deployment of this solution includes the following:

Ingram Micro Cloud prebuilt the architecture to match the system requirements to run Trend Micro Deep Security on cloud
Installation and Provisioning
The defined reference architecture will be automatically provisioned on your cloud platform of choice after purchasing. Please refer to your cloud sales representative to get the Technical Blueprint.
Reference Architecture
  1. Create a private network (VPC)
  2. Create a public subnet within that VPC
  3. Create a private subnet within that VPC
  4. PostgreSQL Server
    1. Configure Windows Machine inside private subnet
    2. Create and attach external volume
    3. Install and Configure PostgreSQL
  5. Trend Micro Server
    1. Configure a Windows Machine inside public subnet
    2. Download License Key for Trend Micro
    3. Install Trend Micro Deep Security Manager
  6. Create Floating IP an attach it Trend Micro Server
Deployment architecture diagram
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