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Product by ZEROSPAM

ZEROSPAM, cloud AI-driven email security solution, is deadly accurate and utterly simple. It provides built-in and highly efficient protection against all email-borne threats including the most dangerous such as ransomware and spear phishing without requiring the purchase of additional modules.

The AI-driven email security solution, is a 100% cloud AI-driven email security solution. Deadly accurate and utterly simple, it has a proven catch-rate of 99.9% against all forms of email-borne threats and includes a unique spear phishing module that offers unmatched protection against CEO fraud. ZEROSPAM delivers efficient detection of all email-borne threats and superior protection against advanced threats including ransomware, phishing and spearphishing. It has very low FP (False Positive) rate, and it is very user-friendly, in addition to being backed by Elite technical support. ZEROSPAM serves over thousand customers through a large global network of partners.

With the ongoing threat for ransomware, phishing and viruses, it is more critical than ever to add an additional layer of protection, and keep your customers and their data safe. INGRAM has collaborated with ZEROSPAM to solve a major problem in the market by offering a high performance cloud email security solution integrated with Office 365 and any other email provider. By adding ZEROSPAM to Office 365, resellers can provide their customers with protection against advanced threats, and additional security layer, and helping them provide a full end-to-end solution.

Why add ZEROSPAM cloud solution to your cybersecurity offering?

  • 100% automated provisioning :done in less than 3 minutes
  • Proven catch-rate of 99.9 % validated by a third party of reference
  • An almost ZERO false positive rate
  • Superior ransomware and malware protection
  • High performance antiphishing layer
  • Unmatched spearphishing protection
  • Constantly updated to block new threats without any client intervention
  • Minimal management time
  • Smaller quarantines, available in centralized mode and/or per user
  • Superior technical support

Target Market

Clients of all sizes who manage email domains

Application and Advantages for the Customers

  • Better protection against phishing and spear phishing
  • Users are no longer interrupted by spam or dangerous messages which allows them to be more productive
  • The default centralized quarantine protects your clients against their own users by preventing them from releasing dangerous messages
  • Provides network perimeter protection and deals with email attacks before they reach your infrastructures
  • Detailed weekly and monthly statistical reports

Advantages for the Reseller

  • Increases the margin of every sale while building your client’s loyalty
  • Additional source of recurring revenues
  • Perfectly suited to Managed Services portfolios
  • 30 days free trial for every client; 95% of trials turn into subscriptions
  • High quality, trustworthy solution that provides your clients with efficient protection which increases their level of confidence towards your organization
  • Our user-friendly interface, available in white label mode at no extra cost, enables you to easily manage all your clients with a single login
  • Superior, agile and competent technical support available in Spanish, English and French Free training

Technical Features

  • Flexible quarantine options: can be managed centrally or by user
  • Email log searches at your fingertips – logs for the last 30 days available directly in the client interface
  • Built-in redundancy ensuring high service availability. Each client is provided with a set of 3 MX records that all point to a different data center
  • Free Outlook plugin enables clients to easily report undetected spam messages with a single mouse click
  • All executable files are quarantined, even if they have been compressed and/or renamed
  • Key transactions in the user interface are audited
  • The use of TLS ensures communications confidentiality during transport
  • Single sign-on is available for clients who use a central authentication system
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